Megan Rigdon

Megan earned her bachelors in psychology and her masters in social work. She works with a variety of individuals struggling with issues such as substance use disorders and pornography addiction, and those dealing with anxiety, depression, and perfectionism.  She specializes in women’s health, specifically postpartum depression and anxiety and pregnancy after loss.

“I am passionate about the work I do and I am always honored to be part of another person’s journey towards healing. Since becoming a mother, I have had to overcome postpartum depression and anxiety, and also suffer the loss of a child. Since then, I have made a commitment to women everywhere to educate them about these topics and provide hope. You are not alone, you do not have to suffer forever, you deserve to feel joy. There are things you can do to take steps toward healing and let go of the guilt and shame you feel.” -Megan

 Joshua K Thorn

Josh earned his bachelors in psychology and his masters in social work. He specializes in problematic pornography viewing, substance use disorders, performance anxiety, and depression. He has a wide range of experience in mental health that has provided him with a unique skill set as a therapist.

“My objective is to provide the help for one to overcome problematic pornography viewing, substance use, performance anxiety and depression by addressing the root cause issues of these so one can live a healthy and happy life. I especially enjoy helping families come back together after addiction, anxiety or depression splits them apart.” - Josh